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Divergent Discs are designed with the casual or recreational disc golfer in mind. Our discs are simple, affordable, come in bright colors in an uncomplicated but quality plastic.

We currently have twelve different disc molds designed to give the recreational disc golfer every flight path they will need on the course. We have a variety of different plastic types to meet your individual needs whether you are looking for value, style, or disc golf after dark.

Our discs are currently for sale online at Amazon.com and on our website shopping page here. They are also available at dozens of different disc golf stores throughout the United States and Europe.

Find The Right Disc For You

You can browse our discs by disc type Driver, Midrange, or Putter, or save money by shopping in bulk for our different disc golf sets.

You can also find the best discs for you based on your current maximum throwing distance. This would be your maximum distance with the disc that you can throw the farthest regardless of disc type.

If you easily throw a driver substantially more than about 350 feet, then our brand is probably not for you, although we do have a few discs that work for players of all skill levels.

Divergent Discs

Alpas Approach Disc

The Alpas is an ultra soft flexible approach disc made of silicone designed to stay putt and not roll away.  This disc is designed to park you right underneath the basket on short approach shots. The Alpas is available in a variety of fantastic color patterns.

Flight ratings 4/4/-2/1. “Alpas” is a Filipino word that means “to become free” or “break loose”. It is the act of flying.

Alpas Flight Chart

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Basilisk Distance Driver

This is a very under stable high speed distance driver with a thick rim designed to give beginners and casual disc golfers the maximum possible distance.  Intermediate players will be able to get unprecedented distance with the Basilisk in tailwind situations. The name of Basilisk Distance Driver came from the term “Basilisk” which comes from a mythical reptile with a lethal gaze or breath, hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg. It could kill by its breath or glance.

Flight Ratings 12/5/-5/1Basilisk beginner driver flight path

Golem Overstable Utility Disc

The Golem is our second “StayPut” disc. Unlike the Alpas, this will be a very overstable approach disc designed to crash at a hyzer angle and park under the basket with maximal control and minimal skips. The Golem is available in both StayPut and Stayput Glow plastic. This is a disc where it doesn’t matter how much power or what angle you release it on, it will always fade out. This disc won’t give you distance, but it will be consistent. The Golem is excellent as an approach disc and works well for putting on ultra windy days.

Flight Ratings 4/2/0/4

Divergent Discs Golem Flight Path

Kapre Straight Flying Midrange

The Kapre is a straight flying midrange with a deeper rim and more stability than the Leviathan. This is still a good midrange for beginners and recreational players, but intermediate players will also find more uses for the Kapre as an every throw workhorse mid. Intermediate players can throw this mid hard without it flipping over.

Kapre is another creature in Philippine Mythology. Kapre midrange got its name from “Kapre”. It is a tree-dwelling creature known for being very tall with a very strong smell that can attract human attention.

Flight Ratings 5/5/-1/1Kapre Midrange Flight Path

Kraken Driver

Our Kraken driver is an easy to throw fairway driver with a 1.8cm thick rim. This stable flyer provides excellent glide, control and distance for the recreational disc golfer. Even experienced players will enjoy the straight flight of the Kraken for controlled shots.

The Kraken is available in both MaxGrip and MaxGlow plastics.

The original run of the Kraken did not pass PDGA approval because the diameter was not wide enough. Second run and beyond versions have had the rim extended. This increase in rim width makes the disc faster, slightly more stable and gives it more end of flight fade than the prototype run.

Flight Ratings: 8/5/-1/2Kraken Driver Flight Path

Lawin Distance Driver

Lawin means “Eagle.” This high speed driver is designed to have an overstable flight for new players and big distance bomber as disc golfers develop more arm speed. If your max throwing distance with other drivers is in the 250 foot range, the Lawin might be the disc that will help you break the 300 foot throwing barrier. The Lawin has a very pronounced dome which gives this disc extra glide and easy distance.

The Lawin is currently available in MaxGrip and Max Grip Glow plastics.

What is a Lawin? A Philippine Hawk Eagle is the basis behind the name of the Lawin Distance Driver. Lawin means “eagle”. It is known for having long crown feathers, a massive arched beak, and sharp bluish eyes. It is known to be a symbol of strength and bravery.

Flight Ratings 12/6/-3/2Lawin Distance Driver

Leviathan Midrange

The Leviathan is a midrange disc designed specifically for beginners and low power disc golfers. This is a straight flying mid that doesn’t fade much at the end of the flight even for low-power players. This is a small diameter midrange with a thin profile, flat top and an understable flight that is extra easy to throw.

The Leviathan MaxGrip plastic is ultra grippy and feels fantastic. This is a disc that you can be confident within all weather conditions. For night rounds, the Leviathan is also available in glow in the dark plastic.

Experienced disc golfers will love using the Leviathan for straight flying hyzer flip shots and long turnover shots where the disc needs to hold the anhyzer line all the way until the end of the flight.

Compared with the more popular disc golf brands, the Leviathan is similar to the Westside Tursas. More Details.

Flight ratings: 5/4/-4/0Leviathan Beginner Midrange Flight Path

Minotaur Utility Driver

This very overstable fairway driver is designed for forehand throws, big hooking hyzers, and shot shaping anhyzer flex shots. You can count on the Minotaur when you need a big spiking hyzer that won’t go too far. While the Minotaur is too overstable to provide maximum distance for recreational disc golfers, this disc is meant for overstable utility shots where you always need to finish with a big fade.

Dangerous and strong yet fantastic were the characteristics of a greek monster in the name of Minotaur which is the root name behind the Minotaur Utility Driver. It is known for trapping victims in a maze which was one of the reasons why the disc was named after it. More Details Here

Flight Ratings 8/3/0/3

Minotaur Utility Driver

Narwhal Putt and Approach Disc

The Narwhal putter is designed to work well as an all-purpose disc. It is perfect for rounds where you only want to take one disc with you. This disc is a straight shooter with excellent glide and gets excellent distance for a putt and approach disc. It works well for curving left, right or stays straight when thrown flat, perfect for driving, approach shots, and putting! If you’re new to disc golf and just want to get out and play, consider purchasing the Divergent putter as your first (and perhaps only) disc golf disc.

Compared with the major disc golf brands, the Narwhal is similar to the Innova Dart. More Details Here.

Flight ratings: 3/5/-1/0Narwhal Putt and Approach Disc Flight Path

Nuno Putter

The Nuno is our putting putter. This disc is designed specifically to help you make more putts when near the basket. While this is a great putting putter, it also works great as an approach disc and putting putter. The name of Nuno Putter roots in “Nuno” or “Old Man of the Mound”. It is known in Philippine Mythology as a dwarf-like nature spirit. It is believed that it lives in an anthill or termite mounds. Its literal meaning is “Ancestor” or “Grandparent living in the anthill”. More details here.

Flight Ratings 3/4/0/1Nuno Putter Flight Path

Tiyanak Ultra Understable Driver

This Driver is designed for ultra low power players including kids and senior citizens who are unable to throw 200 feet in total distance. This is a fairway driver with a thinner rim than the Basilisk. The Tiyanak is also outstanding for high anhyzer throws where you want the disc to go the distance but finish to the right.

The Tiyanak name comes from a vampiric creature in Philippine Mythology. “Tiyanak” or “Demon Child” is a toddler or baby that died even before receiving baptism. More Details Here

Flight Ratings 8/5/-5/1

Divergent Discs Tiyanak Flight Path

Wyrm Overstable Driver

The Worm is the third disc in our StayPut line. This is an ultra overstable driver meant to be a utility disc like the Golem but with a different speed and feel. This disc is designed to spike into the ground and stay near the landing point. This is the most overstable disc we have ever made and might be the most overstable disc in existence.

Because of it’s risk of breaking on impact, we have only manufactured a very limited run of this ultra soft disc golf driver. There are currently only 1000 total Wyrms in existence. If the silicone is able to withstand disc golf wear then we will manufacture more of these in the future.

Flight Ratings 9/2/0/5

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