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Divergent Discs Now Available on Amazon!

We are excited to announce that Divergent Discs are now available for sale on Amazon!

Why are our discs priced so low?

There are a couple of reasons.

  1. We weren’t completely satisfied with the plastic quality of this run, and many of the discs came out with more dome than our prototypes. Because we want to make a great first impression we are giving an extra discount for our first purchasers.
  2. It is hard to compete on Amazon without having any reviews. A big part of the Amazon formula, making our products appear for terms like “disc golf discs” and “disc golf drivers” is having reviews. Right now they don’t have any reviews because they are brand new, and we can’t get reviews unless we start selling them. To counteract the chicken and egg dilema we are essentially selling the limited edition test run at cost as a long term marketing strategy. If you do buy these test run discs, PLEASE review them. This will help us in the long run and will allow us to be able to sell our discs later at full price.

Be one of the first owners of this new line of disc golf discs.

Divergent Discs are now available at Amazon, E-Bay and Walmart Marketplace. You can use these links to buy from Amazon now. These discs are only priced at this low a price temporarily until we improve the plastic and get our name out their more.


3 Disc Beginner Set




Experimental Run Discs Set

Narwhal Putter

Kraken Driver


These discs are temporarily listed at an introductory price of just $9.99 each including shipping!  Click the images below to buy.

Kraken Driver
Narwhal Putter

If that’s still not cheap enough you can get both discs together in a set for less than $16!



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