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This 8 Disc value set includes 4 Narwhals and 4 Krakens from our experimental disc run. Note the discs in this run came out with more dome than we wanted and the plastic does not have as much grip as we were trying to create, this is the reason why this bundle set is offered at such a value price. Once the experimental discs are gone they will never be available at this low of a price again.

While these don’t meet our quality to sell at full price, these are still excellent, bright colored discs!

This affordable package of discs is perfect for the small family or group of friends who want to get some basic discs to start playing disc golf. There are four of the Narwhal putter model and four of the Kraken easy-throw driver model by Divergent Discs. The plastic is more durable and long-lasting than with most beginner sets.

Hand a pair of discs to four different players and hit the course! These are basic, easy-to-throw discs that are perfect for beginners or young players. NOTE: Disc colors will vary, and some might be the same color in the same package.

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