Glow Disc Golf Set


3 Disc Glow in the Dark Disc Golf Set with neutral flying driver, midrange, and putter.

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Don’t let the lack of daylight prevent you from enjoying the game of disc golf. The Divergent Discs Glow disc golf set is designed for night disc golf rounds for players of all skill level. Discs are stable enough that beginners can use them, but not too understable that more experienced players can’t enjoy the discs included in this set. Save money buy purchasing the package set rather than glow discs individually.

In daylight, the Max Grip Glow discs in the Divergent Discs Glow Set appear white. After dark, the discs in this set emit a green glow.

The three discs; Nuno, Kapre, and Kraken all com in Divergent’s Max Grip Glow plastic. This plastic blend offers the same qualities as their Max Grip. However, this will glow in the dark. Simply lay the discs outside in the sun, or charge them with a UV Flashlight.

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