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Upgrade from your starter set to the complete disc golf set. 8 Different discs with different flight paths and stabilities to help you conquer every hole on your course.

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If you’ve tried disc golf a few times and know you love it, our 8 Disc Set with bag is the perfect, affordable, way to get a variety of different discs with different speeds, flights, and stabilities. Upgrade from your starter set. This is the least expensive way to get quality Divergent Discs in Max Grip plastic. It’s also the perfect way to try out nearly all the MaxGrip discs in the Divergent Disc Golf Line.

This set is so much better than the typical three disc starter set. The 8 Disc Set with Bag includes:




With the Divergent Discs complete set you will have all of the disc flights you need to conquer every hole on your course.

The Divergent Discs bag will hold 8-11 disc golf discs. All bags included in the complete disc golf set are black.

NOTE: Disc colors and weights in each individual set may vary.

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