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Future Divergent Discs

Proto Nuno Kapre and Lawin

We currently have six disc golf discs under development. We hope that these additional discs will be available for sale for the summer shopping season.

We are very excited to soon have a full lineup of discs available so that disc golfers can play complete rounds with every shot availability using a Divergent Disc.

Basilisk Proto

Basilisk Distance Driver – This is a very under stable high speed distance driver with a thick rim designed to give beginners the maximum possible distance.  Intermediate players will be able to get unprecedented distance with the Basilisk in tailwind situations.

Projected Flight Ratings 12/5/-4/1

Lawin Distance Driver – Lawin means “Eagle.” This high speed driver is designed to be a distance maximizer as players develop more arm speed. Once the Basilisk gets too flippy, the Lawin will be the driver of choice for big distance. This driver has potential to go up to 400 feet in distance!

Projected Flight Ratings 12/5/-3/2

Minotaur Utility Driver – This very overstable fairway driver is designed for forehand throws, big hooking hyzers, and shot shaping anhyzer flex shots. You can count on the Minotaur when you need a big spikeing hyzer that won’t go too far.

Projected Flight Ratings 8/3/0/4

TIYANAK Fairway Driver – This is a super easy to throw fairway driver that is more understable than the Kraken. This is a true beginner driver designed to give the brand new player max distance and a straight flight path.

Projected Flight Ratings 8/5/-4-1

Kapre Midrange – The Kapre is a straight flying midrange with a deeper rim and more stability than the Leviathan. This is still a good midrange for beginners and recreational players, but intermediate players will also find more uses for the Kapre as an every throw workhorse mid.

Projected Flight Ratings 5/5/-1/1

Nuno Putter – The Nuno putter is designed to be a more traditional putting putter with a flatter top than the Narwhal.

Projected Fight Ratings 3/4/-1/1

Alpas Approach Disc – We are also increasing our line to include an ultra soft flexible approach disc made of silicone designed to stay put and not roll away. This disc was just PDGA approved and we hope to have it available in July. More details about the Alpas can be found here.

Divergent Discs Alpas prototype

Package and Starter Sets

When the Basilisk, Kapre, and Nuno are mass produced we plan to have these three discs available in an additional three disc starter set. We hope to have this available in the US and Europe this summer.

Complete Set

Once all of the discs are available, we plan to sell them as a complete set that will also include a disc golf carrying bag.


11 thoughts on “Future Divergent Discs

  1. Working on a disc i can get custom stamps on that can be affordable and used in ministry. Looking for partners that would love to work with me. I do not know if you are up to this yet, but I already throw a Kraken and love it.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Custom stamping is something we can do, although our blank stamps are stock is currently very low. We will email you with details.

  2. My wife and I just started playing a month ago and we love our Divergent Discs. We are using the Kraken, the Leviathan, and the Narwhal almost exclusively. I was really wondering if you guys could give some sort of an update about the development of the Basilisk Distance Driver. I’m super excited about this future disc because I need a distance driver and every one I’ve thrown from other manufacturers is just not understable enough, since I’m a beginner. I can’t wait. If there is any info or time line for it’s development that would be super helpful. I understand if you can’t, it was a rough year last year.


  3. I’m a senior (68) amateur disc golfer, and your discs are right in my sweet spot!

    I’m going to be playing some tournaments this September and October. What are the chances that some of your future discs will be available by then?

  4. Is it my imagination, but did you just add a 7th discs to this list (the Tiyanak)?

    1. Not just your imagination. We just got an adjusted prototype of the Tiyanak and will begin production soon. Our original sample was too understable, but this modification is just right.. We’ll hopefully have Tiyanaks this fall.

  5. I’m a casual player and don’t have the money to build a big collection of expensive discs. I like the company mission statement and am excited to try the new discs when they come out!

    1. That’s why we got into the business. We have a new 3 disc set and by the end of the year will have a complete line of discs available that is perfect for the recreational disc golfer.

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