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Introducing the Kataw Overstable Midrange!

While the Divergent Discs line is focused on beginner and recreational players, our fans have requested that we add an overstable midrange disc to our line. This overstable mid will be called the Kataw. The Kataw is another mythical creature from Philippine Mythology.

In Filipino folklore, the Kataw is often depicted as a shape-shifting creature that can take on the form of a man or a fish. It is believed to be a water spirit that inhabits the rivers and streams of the Philippines. The Kataw is said to be a trickster, often playing pranks on people or luring them into the water with its beautiful voice. It is also said to have healing powers and is sometimes called upon to cure illnesses or injuries. The Kataw has the ability to control the water elements including waves and tides and can make water turn to ice.

The Kataw is the perfect disc for playing in the elements especially windy conditions. Forehand throwers will love the consistent release and stability of the Kataw for precision approach shots.

The Kataw is under production and should be available during the summer of 2023.