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Harness the Mystique, Command the Elements with Divergent Discs’ Kataw Overstable Midrange Disc. Crafted for enthusiasts who value both mythic allure and peak performance, the Kataw transcends mere sport. It’s an homage to ancient lore, a beacon of the mystical, and an instrument of unparalleled precision.

In MaxValue plastic, the Kataw is affordable for players of all skill level.

Responding to enthusiasts’ demands, we crafted the Kataw for those seeking a midrange disc with enhanced overstability, surpassing the neutral flight dynamics of the Kapre.

– Overstable Flight Path: Thrives in breezy conditions, offering a steadfast flight trajectory, ideal for tackling demanding courses.
– Forehand Friendly: Engineered for a uniform release and extraordinary stability, making it perfect for precise midrange and approach shots.
– Versatility in Play: Expertly handles narrow fairways and basket approaches, assuring both control and pinpoint accuracy.
– Mythological Essence: Drawing inspiration from the legendary Filipino water spirit, the Kataw symbolizes both adaptability and grace.

– Disc Type: Overstable Midrange Disc
– Material: High-grade plastic ensuring lasting durability and consistent play
– Ideal for: Players at intermediate to advanced levels, particularly forehand enthusiasts

Divergent Discs is dedicated to broadening the spectrum of disc golf, offering a comprehensive range of discs that cater to beginners, recreational players, and those with gentler throw styles. The Kataw is a versatile disc, poised to become a staple in the arsenals of disc golfers at every skill level.

Step onto the course and into legend – The Kataw beckons.




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