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Embrace the Myth, Master the Elements utilizing the power of Philippine mythology with the Kataw Overstable Midrange Disc. This mid is designed for players who seek both legend and performance, the Kataw is more than just a disc – it’s a tribute to folklore, a nod to the mystical, and a tool for precision.

We designed the Kataw at the request of fans who wanted a midrange with more overstability than the neutral flying Kapre.

In MaxLife plastic the Kataw is very durable and will last for hundreds of rounds.

Key Features:
– Overstable Flight Path: Excelling in windy conditions, the Kataw offers a reliable flight pattern, making it ideal for challenging environments.
– Forehand Friendly: With a consistent release and remarkable stability, this disc is a forehand thrower’s dream for precision midrange and approach shots.
– Versatile Use: Whether you’re navigating a tight fairway or approaching the basket, the Kataw promises control and accuracy.
– Inspired by Mythology: Named after the shape-shifting water spirit from Filipino folklore, the Kataw is a symbol of adaptability and fluidity.

Product Specifications:
– Type: Overstable Midrange Disc
– Material: Premium-quality plastic for durability and consistent performance
– Recommended for: Intermediate to Advanced players, especially those who prefer forehand throws

At Divergent Discs, we’re committed to expanding the horizons of disc golf to offer a full line of discs for beginners, recreational players, and those with low power arms. The Kataw is a disc that everyone can throw and will find a use for players of all disc golfers.

Experience the Legend on the Course – The Kataw Awaits.


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