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New Divergent Sets Available on Amazon!

We have two new Divergent Sets now available for sale on Amazon.com!

Driver Expansion Booster Set

The first set is our Driver Booster set.

This has our three new discs the Lawin, Minotaur, and Tiyanak. These new disc molds are currently ONLY available when purchased as part of the Booster set.

The Driver Booster set is designed as an upgrade for new disc golfers who previously just had a starter set and are now ready to try additional drivers. These discs all offer different flight paths and flying distances.

Approved members of our tester team who have a maximum throwing distance of less than 300 feet can now purchase these discs at a severely reduced rate by clicking this link. 

These items are currently on sale to help them gain new traction on Amazon, but testers can get an additional 40% off by purchasing them before February 7th.

Complete Disc Golf Set

The Divergent discs complete disc golf set is designed to give ambitious new and recreational disc golfers a complete disc set with a full compliment of disc speeds and stabilities to satisfy every potential shot on the course.

This is the best value in disc golf and will save you more than $30 than buying each of our quality and affordable discs individually.

The complete disc golf set also comes with our popular disc golf carrying bag.

Tester team members can purchase only one of these two sets at the discounted price.

Please remember to share pictures of you and your discs on social media.  Be sure to rate and review your purchase at Amazon and leave a 5 star review (preferably with a picture).

Thanks for supporting Divergent Discs.