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3 Divergent Discs Make BEST Very Understable List

Tiyanak - Top Very Understable Driver

Infinite Discs recently published a list of the best very understable disc golf discs. Two different Divergent drivers the Basilisk Distance driver and Tiyanak fairway driver made this top 20 list. The versitale Leviathan midrange also made the list.

We at Divergent Discs know that the Leviathan, Basilisk and  Tiyanak are ideal for low arm speed players, but it’s good to see other companies realizing this as well.

1. The Basilisk: Distance with Precision

For those who’ve experienced the Basilisk firsthand, its capability is unmistakable:

Mastery of Distance: Every disc golfer aspires to achieve maximum range. The Basilisk, with its understable features, is especially easy to get impressive distance with, given the right technique, if you are unable to throw for more than 200 feet. Its propensity to go longer than any other disc golf disc cannot be underestimated.

Hyzer Flip Virtuosity: Renowned for its aptitude in hyzer flip shots, the Basilisk can maneuver controlled, S-shaped trajectories even for players with very low arm speed. The art lies in releasing it with a subtle hyzer tilt and observing its trajectory as it masterfully turns and then gently fades.

Harnessing the Tailwind: In tailwind scenarios, the Basilisk’s performance is exemplary. Its characteristics enable it to capitalize on the wind, amplifying both distance and precision.

Roller Techniques: The Basilisk’s affinity for roller shots – where the disc is angled to touch and roll on the ground – makes it a sought-after choice for those looking to maneuver obstacles and maximize range.

2. The Tiyanak: Precision in Turnovers

The Tiyanak carves its niche in controlled turnovers as one of the most understable discs in the game:

Nimble in Narrow Fairways: For courses that are dense and narrow, the Tiyanak emerges as a trustworthy ally. It ensures precise turnover shots, essential for tricky terrains where you can stay straight without needing to throw your disc with a lot of power.

Graceful Anhyzer Maneuvers: When the play demands refined anhyzer shots, the Tiyanak stands out. It’s about crafting the shot just right and isn’t going to fade out like nearly all other drivers.

Intermediate Player’s Asset: For those who are bridging the gap between a beginner and a intermediate, the Tiyanak offers a platform to hone techniques, fostering finesse, versatility, and a smooth release.

3. The Leviathan: Majestic Glide

The Leviathan is synonymous with easy to throw glide.

Elevated Glide: What sets the Leviathan apart is its innate ability to linger in the air, achieving more coverage even at diminished speeds without fading out. It’s the disc of choice for shots demanding precision straight short distance throws.

Roller Expertise: Similar to the Basilisk, the Leviathan shines in the roller domain. Its understable attributes ensure rollers are easy for players just learning to throw rollers.

Crafting Anhyzer Arcs: Whether it’s about bypassing obstructions or targeting specific zones, the Leviathan’s prowess in maintaining a smooth anhyzer curve is indispensable. No other disc will hold an anny line as well as the Divergent Discs Leviathan.

Tailwind Mastery: With the wind in support, the Leviathan can harness its attributes to leverage tailwind conditions without flying overstable. It’s the perfect midrange when the tailwind conditions call.

In encapsulation, the Basilisk, Tiyanak, and Leviathan stand out in the very understable disc category, each with its distinct advantages. Whether it’s achieving unparalleled distances, controlled turnovers, or mastering anhyzer shots, these discs cater to a disc golfer’s diverse needs. These very understable discs are indispensability in a disc golfer’s toolkit.