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Glow in the Dark and UV Change Discs Now Available!

Glow in the Dark Divergent Discs

Don’t let a little darkness dampen your opportunity to play disc golf.

Glow golf is one of the most fun ways to play disc golf. Whether the sun goes down too early for your free time, the temperatures are too hot to enjoy disc golf until after dark, or you just like watching unidentified flying objects sail through the sky, glow disc golf is for everyone.

We currently have the Glow Lawin, Kraken, Leviathan, and Narwhal available as individual discs for sale. You can also purchase a glow in the dark set that includes the Kraken, Kapre, and Nuno in our MaxGrip Glow blend.

Shop our selection of glow in the dark disc golf discs here.

For something even more fun, we also now have UV reactive Golems! These discs change colors in the sun. Indoors, the disc appears white, but take it outside and the UV Golem turns purple, yellow, and orange!