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Kataw and New Sets 50% off for Testers!!

Max Life Kataw Purple

Divergent Discs already offers the most competitively priced discs in the disc golf world. Now, for a limited time, you have the unique opportunity to snag these discs at an even more incredible value – a whopping 50% off! This exclusive offer is our way of encouraging the disc golf community to share their experiences with our products through 5-star reviews on Amazon.com.

Kataw Overstable Midrange 50% Off

Until the end of the month, you can get your hands on our latest midrange disc, the Overstable  Kataw, at half the usual price by purchasing through the following Amazon link:

Test the Kataw for 50% off Here!

You are going to LOVE the Kataw. It is such a consistent and versatile disc for players of all skill level. It is currently available in MaxValu and a flexible MaxLife plastic blend. Try either variety at half off.

New Variety Disc Golf Sets

Divergent Discs Variety Set

But that’s not all! We’re also excited to introduce our new value sets, perfect for those who love the thrill of a surprise. Resembling Mystery Boxes, these sets are available in configurations of 2, 3, and 5 discs, offering you a variety of Divergent Discs to add to your collection without knowing exactly which gems you’ll receive.

To take advantage of this exceptional discount on either the Kataw disc or any of our value sets, all we ask in return is for you to share a detailed 5-star review on Amazon.com after your purchase. Your feedback is invaluable, not only to us but to the entire disc golf community, as it helps others discover the quality and performance of our products.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to expand your disc golf arsenal with Divergent Discs at an unbeatable price, while also contributing to the growing community of disc golf enthusiasts.

Try one of the Variety Sets for 50% off using this link.